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GETTING the perfect selfie isn't easy.

You can spend forever faffing around with different angles and positions for your best shot.

But actually there's a much easier way to do, as a TikToker has revealed.

JD The Camera Guy shows how you can get a far superior snap from your next mirror selfie.

And weirdly, it involves holding your iPhone upside down.

So, instead of just holding it in front of your face, use the 0.5x zoom in the Camera app.

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Then, flip your phone around.

Set the exposure to -2.

Now, give your best pose – in his case, he's seated, with one foot forward and holding the iPhone outwards from his torso.

The end result is something much more satisfying than your everyday selfie that looks almost professional.

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More than 6,700 people have already liked the video less than a day since it was posted.

It's one of many useful tricks to step up your photography game on an iPhone.

Artsy black and white selfies

Want to make your self-portraits to look more like the headshots of a Hollywood star?

How about a moody black and white photo with dramatic lighting and shadow.

Open the iOS camera app and switch to the front-facing camera by hitting the circular arrow icon in the bottom right.

Swap over to Portrait mode by swiping left on your display. Portrait mode creates a depth-of-field effect by blurring the background of your photos.

Next, tap and drag across the effects options at the bottom of your viewfinder until you hit "Stage light mono".

This creates a dramatic black and white photo with a black background.

Now, tap on yourself and then lower the brightness of your image by dragging down on the yellow sun icon that appears.

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Selfies taken in this mode will give the desired effect. Your photos look better if you're wearing darker clothing.

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