‘Works a treat’: Mrs Hinch fan shares kitchen foil hack to remove shower screen limescale

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch – also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe – inspires millions to clean their homes. Fans of the cleaning influencer regularly take to dedicated cleaning Facebook pages to share their tips and tricks.

Limescale can be a huge annoyance in areas around the home such as the kitchen and bathroom.

It can be extremely stubborn to remove, especially if left for a while.

Limescale builds up extra quickly in the shower because of the condensation and heat from the water.

It is common for those living in hard water areas such as London.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman, Rianna Hayward, asked for some tips when it came to cleaning her shower screen.

She asked: “Can anyone help me to get rid of limescale from a glass shower screen?

“I’ve tried everything including Viakal, Cillit Bang Limescale Remover, Harpic Toilet Limescale Remover.

“I’ve left it on for ages and still nothing! Any ideas?”

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Rianna’s post was inundated with tips and tricks from fellow cleaning enthusiasts who all recommended a variety of different techniques.

One woman, Lynne Billau, wrote: “Only thing I’ve found to work is those soap filled scourers. Look like a grey wire and a pink soap comes out when you use them.

“You’d think they would scratch the glass but they don’t. If it’s heavy limescale it will take a few attempts, good luck!”

Another person, Jackie Llic, replied: “They are called Brillo pads. I use them to clean and they work great.”

Another woman, Demi Thompson, said: “Scrunch tin foil and scrub the limescale off the shower screen.

“Scraped it away and it worked a treat for me. Then I just sprayed with a bathroom spray and rinsed with a shower head.”

Kitchen foil can be used as an abrasive, resilient scrubber to help remove limescale as well as stains.

It is commonly used to tackle metal and glass cookware but can also be used in the bathroom.

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One woman advised Rianna to focus on the tools she uses rather than the products.

Chantelle Poole said: “I found it’s not about the products but it’s the tools, you can use absolutely any spray (my choice is always Viakal) then scrub it with a Brillo pad or Scrub Daddy or anything like that.

“Then take it off using a squeegee.”

There are also ways to prevent the buildup of limescale in the shower including using a squeegee to wipe the shower down each time you use it.

It helps to stop hard water stains from forming and turning into limescale.

What’s more, squeegee’s can be picked up for as little as 89p in shops like B&M and Wilko.

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