Woman, 58, shares ‘quick check’ online that’s saved her £4,000 when shopping

Linda has been able to make an astonishing £3,800 by making use of one website. She spoke exclusively with Express.co.uk about how she has been able to make this extra cash.

The 58-year-old has been a member of TopCashback for over 10 years, saving over £3,800 in cashback over the years.

This sum has accumulated from doing her online shopping via the site, however, most of it came from using TopCompare (TopCashback’s insurance comparison tool) and renewing her car and house insurance.

Linda said: “I’ve earned almost £4,000 in cashback – £3822.14 to be exact! I use it for everything from everyday shopping to buying insurance.

“TopCashback also has a comparison tool TopCompare, which I use every time my car insurance and house insurance are due for renewal.

“This year, I earned £40 on my car insurance and £33 for house insurance.”

The biggest amount of cashback she has received in one go was £195 for taking out pet insurance.

She encouraged Britons to search around before making big purchases to see if they can get any deals or cashback with certain purchases.

Linda has used the cashback to buy birthday and Christmas presents for her family.

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The customer service advisor from Leicestershire explained that she swaps the cashback for vouchers as the amount is topped up depending on which store she gets the voucher from.

She continued: “This effectively means that the presents cost me nothing. I can then spend a little more than I would on them. Having a large family – seven children and four grandchildren (so far) I need to save where I can.

“Knowing I can get cashback for normal everyday ordering is great. It costs me nothing to make a quick check to see if the retailer I want to shop with is on TopCashback.

“Every time I shop, I always check. I have also referred friends through TopCashback’s ‘Tell a Friend’ scheme and received a bonus when they sign up and get their first payout too.

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“It’s so easy to do. I am so glad I signed up all those years ago.”

When it comes to getting the cashback, Linda explained that sometimes it’s a matter of days, and other times it can take a while.

However, she highlighted that it all adds up, so as long as people remember to use TopCashback regularly, they will always have some money in their cashback pot.

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