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NEW features on Snapchat have received a mixed response from app users.

Notifications from Snapchat are being labelled as time-sensitive, but what does that mean? Read on to find out.

What does 'time-sensitive' mean on Snapchat?

The time-sensitive feature was rolled out a while ago as part of the iOS 15 launch.

Android lovers everywhere can relax, this update will only affect Apple users.

However, this feature was rolled out on Snapchat in May during an app-wide update.

The update has not been well received by app users, with many taking to Twitter to voice their frustration.

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One Twitter user tweeted: "Why Snapchat messages come labelled ‘Time Sensitive’ not y’all trying to force read receipts on me."

But what does it mean?

A time-sensitive notification is where a message is given a higher priority than others.

This is an attempt to help ensure people don't miss any important notifications.

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The feature is not specific to Snapchat, so all apps can get it.

What are the time-sensitive notifications on an iPhone?

Pretty much since the birth of Apple and iOS, notifications can be switched on and off by users.

No notification was more important than the other, but that all changed with iOS 15.

The iOS 15 update gives users more control over their notifications as part of the focus feature.

Notifications marked time-sensitive can break through focus mode where you might have Do Not Disturb on to block other apps.

Focus mode allows Apple users to put restrictions on alerts from their phones at specific times of the day.

For example, you can put it on when you go to bed, go to work or all day if you just do not want to be bothered by anyone.

How to turn off 'time-sensitive' notifications on an iPhone?

If you are not a fan of this new Snapchat update, good news! You can turn it off really easily.

Here's a step-by-step guide for you.

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  • Open up your settings app
  • Scroll down to Notifications
  • Scroll down to Snapchat (or any app you want)
  • Tap the time-sensitive alerts to off

Phew! Order has been restored.

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