What does 502 Bad Gateway mean?

UNFORTUNATELY, sometimes people will go on a website and receive a "502 Bad Gateway Error" message.

There's no need to be alarmed though, the message has a simple explanation and it's usually outside of your control.

What does 502 Bad Gateway mean?

A 502 Bad Gateway Error message popping up instead of the website screen you were hoping for is always disappointing.

The message implies that there is something wrong with the website's server.

It's a code to show the server cannot handle your request right now so the website you want to view isn't avaliable at the moment.

This could be because a website is down due to maintenance issues.

It could also signify that too many people are trying to go on the website at the same time.

Server just means a computer that allows access to an online resource or network.

All websites rely on servers that can connect people to them when they type in their address.

Sometimes server errors can be fixed by reloading the website, clearing your browser cache or simply being patient and coming back to the website later in the day.

You can try refreshing the page to see if it reloads.

There might just be a connection problem.

If it doesn't reload you might need to be a bit more patient until the company who owns the website fixes the server issue.

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