WD-40 life hacks: The FIVE areas you can use WD-40 to improve your home

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Users of WD-40 have found a number of helpful uses for the product, which are listed on the WD-40 website. So read on to find out some ways WD-40 Multi-Use Product Original could be used to improve your home. Just make sure you follow the packaging instructions and warnings before use.

Floors and walls

Did you know WD-40 can be used to help get your floors looking their best?

WD-40 can be used to clean scuff marks off of ceramic floors or to remove ink from carpets.

The versatile product can also be used to remove candle wax or glue from carpets too.

WD-40 can also help to camouflage scratches in linoleum and ceramic tiles.

If paint gets on tile flooring, WD-40 can help to remove this.

Pesky crayon marks on walls can also be removed with the product too.

WD-40 can also shift any gum which might be stuck to walls or concrete.

Drawers and doors

Squeaky hinges? Noisy drawers and doors can benefit from WD-40.

WD-40 can also be used to loosen rusted bolts.

Some users have also found WD-40 can help to lubricate car door hinges too.

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WD-40 can help to “keep bugs at bay”, according to WD-40 users, and all that is needed is a spray on window sills.

WD-40 can also help to camouflage scratches on countertops.

It can also remove fingerprints left on stainless steel appliances.


WD-40 can help remove crayon from compressed wood furniture.

Some users have also found WD-40 helpful when unsticking piano keys.


Apply WD-40 to wrought iron outdoor furniture, to help protect it from rust.

Coating outside pipes with WD-40 during winter can help to prevent freezing damage or pipe bursts.

Users have also found WD-40 can keep lawnmower wheels turning smoothly.

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