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THIS is the shocking moment a driver speeds 80mph down the motorway on THREE wheels – with their wrecked tire in their open boot.

A clip shows the broken Audi whizzing down the freeway in Orange County, California, before the driver is confronted by bewildered motorists.

The video, which was uploaded to Twitter, is shot using a smartphone in a car and shows how a tyre is missing on the vehicles passenger side.

Sparks are seen flying from the brake disks as they grind into the asphalt.  

The driver – dubbed a "real Housewife of Orange County" after the reality show – waves away a concerned motorist filming her as he tries to flag her down.

The video then cuts to a nearby intersection, believed to be near Irvine, after the woman had allegedly crashed into the back of a black Volkswagen.   

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“Miss. “Get out of the car. Are you on drugs right now,” the motorist on film asks.

“No,” she responds. “My car gave out, I had somebody help me before and apparently the brake did not stop.”

The bemused motorist convinces her to get out of the driver’s seat before zooming in on her front seat showing what appears to be two pills.

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“She almost hit you, bro,” Another witness in a Toyota Sienna says. “She was driving 80!”

The driver then pans over to the rear of her Audi showing another blown tyre as the woman claimed her “brake did not stop.”

In a follow up clip, Irvine police are seen arriving at the scene shortly after in which the woman was taken into custody.

The wild clip drew a mixed reaction from online petrolheads who believed her brake must have seized and caused her tyre to grind to its cords, eventually going flat.

However, others labelled the driving of the “real housewife of Orange County,’ as  “terrifying,” admitting that the incident must have been scary for all involved.

“Damn. Damn damn damn. Lucky she didn’t kill someone”, one wrote.

“That's quite a show. I wonder if she was running from someone or why would she be driving 80mph on 3 tires, tailgate open, and tire in the trunk,” another wrote.

While a third added: “Absolutely terrifying, I shudder to think how badly this could have ended.”

The incident comes after a terrifying video captured the moment a Nissan Qashqai screamed down the fast lane of the M6 on the wrong side.

The black Qashqai was driving south on the northbound carriageway when spotted.

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As reported by Birmingham Live, the 27-year-old male driver manage to make it off the motorway and was tracked down.

He was then arrested for failing to provide a breath specimen.

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