Watch as barn find explorer transforms rundown ‘abandoned’ Porsche – sparkling sports car could now be worth £10k | The Sun

A BARN find explorer has transformed a rundown "abandoned" Porsche back into a sparkling sports car – and it could be worth an amazing £10,000.

The explorer went to a secret location in the UK to rescue a Porsche owned by a chap who is currently unable to drive his pride and joy due to poor health.

YouTube user @imstozke took to social media to show his 39,600 subscribers how he transformed this Porsche Cayman S, with 141,000 miles on the clock,in less than a day.

He explained:" The first visit, I knocked on the door and got no answer.

"So I thought it best to shoot home get a broom, and try and make the area not so abandoned looking,

"As I know first hand what people do to abandoned places, As I live local to this one, I thought, why not.


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"Whilst I was sweeping away the leaves that had gathered up over the years, the owner came to the door to ask what I was doing. Well, this is where it got interesting."

The owner of the Porsche gave him permission to clean his car, but only on the condition that he accepted a day's wage.

The man starts by hovering the front boot of the Porsche, and then he uses a hose pressure washer to leave the car in pristine condition.

After giving the car a quick wash, the urban explorer said: "This paint finish on here is flawless. There are a few little imperfections here and there…"

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He then goes on to tackle the car's interior, starting with the door shuts – and then hoovers the seats and cleans the tyres.

The poster revealed that the owner of the car ended up crying after seeing his amazing Porsche in perfect condition.

The video has gone viral on YouTube with more than 14,000 views and 164 comments – and most people were quick to comment.

One said: "Fair play to you, mate you made the man's day as he had a crap time as was in the hospital not many people would have done that for him."

Another said: "You're a diamond of a guy bud. What a great gesture, and to think of him now being able to look out at his pride and joy (Porsche) again is absolutely priceless."

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