‘Very pleased’: Savvy family save £940 by transforming wardrobes using DIY skills – tips

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Zoe Hitchen, 37, a hairstylist and mum-of-two from Clayton-le-Moors, wanted to change the colour of her wooden fitted furniture and was shocked to receive a quote of £1,000 to have it sprayed professionally. Together with her husband Simon, she managed to complete the DIY project for just £60 instead.

Speaking to money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk about the project, she said: “We lived in our previous home for 20 years and just moved into our forever home two weeks before Christmas.

“When we moved in, we originally were going to get the fitted furniture professionally sprayed but were quoted over £1,000 by two different companies.

“My husband, who works in the building industry, wasn’t happy with the cost so he said we would do it ourselves.

“I did some research online for some good quality furniture paint.

“I then came across Frenchic on Facebook, so I decided to find our local stockist.”

Zoe explained that she decided on the colour Wolf Whistle to help brighten the bedroom up.

She added: “I have to give credit to my husband who spent the day prepping and painting.”

When it comes to painting furniture or walls, preparation is the most important part.

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From sanding to sugar soap, making sure the area is smooth is crucial when it comes to painting.

Zoe said: “What made me use Frenetic was the idea of no priming and no top coat.

“I would say trust the process as the first coat can look quite scary.

“I’m very pleased with the outcome and it saved us a lot of money.

“The total cost on paint was under £60, a huge difference from the £1,000 we were originally quoted.

“I love the transformation. It feels like brand new furniture, and the money saved will go towards making our new house our own!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, commented on the couple’s furniture transformation.

He said: “It’s easy to get sucked into getting professional tradesmen to do a job, especially if you’re getting similar quotes from multiple builders.

“However, Zoe and Simon’s amazing £60 project shows how much money can be saved if you’re confident to do the work yourself.

“Saving a whopping £940, their fitted furniture looks just as good, and it leaves loads of cash left over to renovate the rest of their house.”

Frenetic also recently shared top tips on the “proper way” to paint any room in the home.

They explained: “As a rule, you should start at the top and work your way down when painting a room, meaning walls come before skirting boards.

“This clever top-down approach stops drip marks and overspray from ruining newly painted surfaces below.”

The correct order to paint a room is ceilings, walls, skirting boards and frames followed by doors.

Frenchic said: “You should always start with ceilings because rollers often splatter excess paint onto surrounding walls.

“First, liberally lay down dust sheetings before cutting in the edges using a suitable sized brush, around 50mm, flat or oval.

“Then, roll paint in square sections across the ceiling for even coverage.”

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