Venezuela’s Guaido Seeks Broad Coalition to Oust Maduro Regime

Venezuela National Assembly President Juan Guaido called for a broad coalition to form a “national emergency government” to replace Nicolas Maduro’s regime and get financing to save lives as the coronavirus crisis spreads.

Such a government “must be broad and include all the necessary political and social sectors to confront this severe emergency,” Guaido said in a video message published on his Twitter account on Saturday night.

Guaido said his team has developed what’s being called the Jose Maria Vargas plan to deal with the coronavirus response. It includes requesting $1.2 billion from multilateral organizations and obtaining medical supplies and food, making money transfers to people staying at home, and constructing water wells for hospitals.

Maduro won’t be able to obtain any financing for such projects because he isn’t internationally recognized and was this week indicted with 14 key allies by the U.S. for drug trafficking, Guaido said. Around 60 countries recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

Guaido called on the military to join his broad coalition, saying that the legislative body he leads will approve a law to promote a democratic transition that includes “guarantees” for regime officials.

Venezuela had 119 cases of coronavirus and two deaths as of March 28.

“The time is now,” Guaido said.

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