Unvetted Afghan refugees allowed to leave Wisconsin military base unsupervised: Rep. Tiffany

Congressman reports after touring Afghan evacuees housing

Congressman Tom Tiffany, R-WI, discusses Afghan refugee housing on ‘Tucker Carlson’

Rep. Tom Tiffany, R- WI, discussed his recent trip to Fort McCoy, an Army installation in central Wisconsin, in an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, where he sounded the alarm over insufficient security on the Wisconsin military base that currently houses more than 2,000 Afghan refugees.

“It appears the Biden administration is doubling down by bringing people who are unvetted into our country,” Tiffany told Carlson. 

The lawmaker said he was stunned to find that none of the refugees he encountered entered the United States on a Special Immigration Visa, [SIV] which requires a thorough vetting process that can take up to two years.

“They were all there on parole,” Tiffany said. “The parole authority is granted to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He can just wave people in,” he explained, charging the administration with “circumventing the SIV process.”

What concerned Tiffany more, he said, was that unvetted refugees were allowed to come and go as they pleased.

“People could leave the base…without the authority of the general that is overseeing Fort McCoy,” he said.

Tiffany acknowledged while “there are Afghans that should be able to come into our country…these people are not being vetted thoroughly.”

“They should go to a third, a safe third party country…or someplace like that and be vetted there. If they get through the vetting they should be able to come in,” he said.

 “84% of the people that in the first quarter of this year that tried to get an SIV in Afghanistan, they were rejected. Only 16% were able to get in. This has to be a thorough vetting process,” he said. “The Biden administration is circumventing it.”

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