Tyrus blasts 'excuses' for Kamala Harris' perceived failures: 'When does that stop?'

Kamala Harris suggests racism, sexism are to blame for failures, ‘The Five’ discusses

‘The Five’ react to Harris’ recent CBS interview on what is hindering her tenure.

Fox News host Katie Pavlich reacted on Monday to Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview where she addressed complaints by fellow Democrats claiming she has been set up to fail with an impossible portfolio from President Biden during their first year in office.

“Kamala Harris had an opportunity here to make history, an opportunity to make something of that history, and instead, she is sitting back and acting like she is some kind of victim instead of digging into the issues,” Pavlich said on “The Five.”

During an interview with CBS’s Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation,” Harris said that while she doesn’t believe she’s “being set up to fail,” the nature of her position puts her in charge of particularly challenging issues that have made their way to her office. 

Reports have circulated detailing ‘dysfunction’ inside the vice president’s office.  (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

“I’m the Vice President of the United States,” Harris said. “Anything that I handle is because it’s a tough issue, and it couldn’t be handled at some other level. And there are a lot of big, tough issues that need to be addressed, and it has actually been part of my lifelong career to deal with tough issues and this is no different.”

Pavlich concurred that Harris oversees “very serious topics,” but emphasized her lack of progress on that front.

“Kamala Harris, was a pick from Joe Biden as a gift to the far left, let’s not forget she was the most liberal senator in the Senate. She even beat Bernie Sanders back in the day. And he needed that kind of base to get him across the finish line in November which is why he picked her among other issues,” Pavlich said.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris speaks as then-press secretary Symone D. Sanders looks on. June 14, 2021 in Greer, South Carolina.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“She has an opportunity here to really do some good with her office, and yet, she is just turning around and basically throwing up her hands and saying well, I am not being treated well because I’m a woman because I am a woman of color and that is just untrue. She hasn’t delivered results on the portfolio the president has given her,” Pavlich maintained.

Guest host Tyrus scolded Brennan for asking Harris whether she thinks she is under more scrutiny than her predecessors because she is a Black female.

“It is astounding to me,” Tyrus said. “I don’t ever remember hearing Barack Obama ever play that as an excuse for not getting things done. You can never fix a problem if it’s always the imaginary monster, if it’s always racism, always sexism,” he said. “When does that stop? Doesn’t that just hurt the Democratic Party when accountability is right there?”

The vice president’s critics – who include both Republican and Democrat lawmakers – have accused Harris of living in a bubble when it comes to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Since March, when President Biden named Harris his point person on the migrant crisis, Harris has visited the border region just once – in June when she spent a few hours in El Paso, Texas, before flying on to her Los Angeles mansion for the rest of that weekend. 

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