TV licence fee may rise – full list of discounts

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The annual cost of a TV licence is due to be increased by £13 next year, according to new reports. This comes amid ongoing debates around the future of the licence fee and BBC funding, as well as the ongoing impartiality debate.

The Telegraph is reporting that households expect the cost of their TV licence to go up by £13 a year in 2024.

This would represent the biggest hike in two decades and would see the licence fee rise from £159 to £172.

This is based on reports that the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) is set to implement a rate increase of 8.2 percent, based on inflation forecasts.

Pressure is mounting from the Government to abolish this rise, with former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries calling for the current freeze on the fee to continue.

According to TV Licensing, there are multiple license fee concessions available for vulnerable groups of people.

While the BBC is responsible for the administration of TV licences, the Government is charged with setting up any discounts.

People can either get a free licence or a discounted version depending on their age, benefit entitlement or if they have a condition.

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What TV licence discounts are available?

Here is a full list of the demographics who are eligible for a TV licence fee discount:

  • Over 75s on Pension Credit
  • Blind people
  • People who live in qualifying residential care
  • Businesses that provide overnight accommodation.

Free television licences for Pension Credit claimants are available if the person receiving the benefit is 75 or over.

This particular benefit is reserved for those of state pension age who are on low income, with partners of claimants also entitled to apply for licence fee concession.

Recipients who are 74 or over and on Pension Credit can sign in to their TV Licensing account and apply for a free TV licence.

Claimants who believe they are entitled to this licence fee discount can call 0300 790 6117 for further support.

People who are legally blind, or live with someone who is, will be able to apply for a 50 percent discount on their TV licence.

This means that a licence fee for a blind person may cost £79.50 and £86 when next year’s rate hike is applied.

For those applying for this discount, claimants will need to prove to the TV Licensing body that they are blind by showing either a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or a BD8 Certificate.

Other examples of evidence can include a letter from an eye surgeon confirming someone’s blindness.

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