Tucker Carlson: A former Google lobbyist acting as a 'sherpa' for Biden antitrust agency nominee

Tucker Carlson: Biden’s nominee for FTC has a ‘major conflict of interest’

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host slams Biden’s nominee, Alvaro Bedoya, for an agency of the federal government that is tasked with enforcing antitrust laws

Multiple sources told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that a former lobbyist for Google is helping to arrange meetings between President Biden’s pick for the Federal Trade Commission, Alvaro Bedoya, and various Senate offices in order to assist with Bedoya’s confirmation. 

“We’re a little shocked to find out that a former Google lobbyist and current Google consultant is helping shepherd Bedoya through the confirmation process in the Senate to get to the FTC. Well, that doesn’t seem non-corrupt. It seems actually the definition of corruption,” Carlson said on his show Monday. 

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The FTC is a governmental agency that enforces U.S. antitrust laws and protects consumers’ rights. 

Carlson said, “because of those duties, of course, [the FTC] is investigating Google in recent years. Both of those are problems that Google causes. And so far, we believe it’s been far too lenient.”

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According to sources, Carlson said, Robert Raben of The Raben Group, which describes itself as “a national public policy firm committed to opening the doors of power and influence for lasting inclusive change,” is acting as a “Sherpa” to Bedoya during the confirmation process.

The show has been told by multiple sources that Raben is acting as a quote ‘Sherpa’ for Bedoya and arranging meetings between Bedoya and various Senate offices. Again, if that’s true, that’s corruption,” Carlson said.

Carlson said “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reached out to Raben, who confirmed that his firm is “assisting” Bedoya. 

“[Raben is] a prominent Democratic lobbyist in Washington. His firm … represents dozens of clients. Raben himself was a registered lobbyist for Google as recently as two years ago. His firm still consults for Google, the world’s most powerful company,” Carlson said. “[There’s] obviously a massive conflict of interest here. The guy who works for Google helping to install the guy who regulates Google.”

“If Bedoya gets confirmed as an FTC commissioner, do you think he’s going to forget who helped him get the job?” Carlson continued. “Probably not.” 

Bedoya is a founding director of the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law. In September, the Biden White House announced that Alvaro Bedoya as their nominee for commissioner at the FTC. The agency is led by five commissioners, with one who leads as chair. 

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