Trump, in Scranton, hits Biden on fracking: Vote for ex-VP would 'destroy Pennsylvania'

President Trump delivers remarks at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania

President Trump is holding his second of five rallies in the final day before Election Day in Scranton, Pa., the birthplace of his Democratic opponent.

He told the crowd: "We win Pennsylvania, we win it all, just like last time." 

During the first few minutes he spoke, the fired-up crowd broke out into chants of "We love Trump." 

"This does not look like a second-place finish, I saw sleepy Joe, he had about 12 people. He was unable to fill up his circles," Trump told the energetic crowd.  

The president also hit his opponent, Joe Biden, for his conflicting remarks on fracking, a major industry in the state.

"A big part of your livelihood. your money, your income is fracking. He spent over a year saying he will not allow fracking," Trump said. 

"As a nominee…. he started talking about fracking, he said we will absolutely allow it but not on government land. The press never held him accountable and never held him accountable for all corruption he was apart of," he continued.

"A vote for Biden will be a vote to ban fracking, outlaw mining, explode energy costs and destroy Pennsylvania," the president added.

Trump held four rallies in the battleground swing state on Saturday and was scheduled for three more events Monday, in Michigan and Wisconsin. He held a rally late Monday morning in North Carolina.

Vice President Mike Pence made a stop in Pennsylvania earlier Monday at a campaign rally in Latrobe, Pa., and was scheduled to speak in Erie, Pa., Monday afternoon. 

The Biden campaign will also focus much of its time Monday on the Keystone State, with Joe Biden hosting drive-in and canvass events in Pittsburgh and Beaver County. 

The dueling campaign events will give the candidates one last chance to try and rake in Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes. 

Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania appears to have shrunk in the final leg of the race. 

In a Monmouth University poll released Monday, among all registered voters, 50% support Biden and 45% back Trump. Also, 1% support Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and 4% are undecided or won’t reveal their vote.


The poll found Trump had edges on two issues: protecting jobs, and law and order. Biden held a major advantage on handling the COVID-19 pandemic.


The poll found that there had been movement in 10 swing counties in the state. Voters in those counties gave Biden a 53-42 edge last month but now go for Trump, 49-45.

Fox News' Adam Shaw contributed to this report. 

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