The energy providers offering up £250 free credit to households

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From April 2023, the Energy Price Guarantee will rise to an average of £3,000 and continue for 12 months. This means the typical household will see an annual bill increase of £500.

To help combat the squeeze is finances, five energy providers in the UK are offering financial support to their customers.

Energy companies such as Shell Energy, British Gas, and OVO are offering up to £250 in free credit.

Each company has their own eligibility criteria so claimants are encouraged to get in touch with them to find out more.

For more information, people can visit their specific websites.

Shell Energy – £150
Anyone with Shell Energy who also received the Warm Home Discount will see a further boost of £150.

The money will be added to their energy account automatically.

Ovo – up to £15
Ovo has increased its temporary credit from £5 to £15.

This is to allow more breathing space when someone runs out of energy and can’t get to a shop to top-up.

Ovo explains that over £300,000 of temporary credit has been issued each week since the scheme started in October.

It comes as part of a £50million support package.

British Gas – £250
British Gas is identifying thousands of customers who are on a prepayment meter and could be eligible for up to £250 in free credit.

Anyone eligible will see the credit added to their prepayment meters over the next month so they won’t need to contact them.

The free bill credit comes as part of British Gas’ new £10million package for vulnerable prepayment customers.

EDF – £100
EDF has announced further support for customers amid worsening cost of living crisis.

EDF is offering eligible customers who have signed an electric car leasing contract with them £100 in free credit.

To receive the credit, customers must request the offer using an online claim form.

It must be filled out no later than three months from signing the personal hire contract.

Those that get their energy from EDF can then get the £100, including credit to the customer’s electricity bill after delivery of the car to their property.

This is being supplied through the Warm Home Discount scheme.

If people pay by direct debit, the full £150 will be applied to their account by the end of January.

Utilita will be applying the full £150 onto customers accounts by the end of January – so it will be shown on bills in February.

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