The driving test centres with the best pass rates – how to find your nearest one

FROM checking your mirrors to mastering a three-point turn, passing a driving test can be tricky.

The national UK pass rate is only around 50% but some driving test centres have higher figures, here is how to boost your chances of getting on the road.

There are almost 400 driving test centres across the UK.

They are based in big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester as well as less populous locations including the Scottish Highlands.

Before taking a practical driving test, you will need to get a provisional driving licence and find an instructor to teach you how to drive.

You will also need to pass a theory exam before you can attempt the practical test.

The theory test can be taken from your 17th birthday onwards and it quizzes you on your knowledge of the Highway Code, traffic signs, driving skills and road hazards.

Once you pass the theory test, and have had enough lessons, you can then attempt the full practical driving test.

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If you pass you will be given a full driving licence.

But passing isn't easy.

The average pass rate across the country between April and September 2021 was 50.5%, according to the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).

Its latest data shows there were 692,684 tests during the six month period and 349,546 passes.

Of 355,358 men who took the test, some 187,003 passed, a rate of 52.6%.

The pass rate was lower among women, with 337,161 taking the test and 162,493 passing, a rate of 48.2%.

But pass rates vary across the country.

The data is skewed by the number of people taking tests at each location but analysis of the DVA data by The Sun shows pass rates are as high as 92.9% in Mallaig, which is based in the highlands of Scotland.

It had just 14 tests during the period – but registered 13 passes.

Other small Scottish islands and towns such as the Isle of Mull, Ballater, Islay Island and Crieff all have pass rates above 80%.

Lee On The Solent in Hampshire is the busiest location based in the top 50 pass rates list.

It conducted 3,316 tests and passed 2,254 new drivers or 68%.

This is followed by Yeovil, which has a pass rate of 65.9% based on 2,225 tests and Dorchester, where the pass rate is 65.4% based on 2,495 tests.

The area with the lowest pass rate between April and September 2021 was Erith in south-east London at 27.5%, based on 2,177 tests and just 599 passes.

Belvedere in south-east London has a pass rate of 30.6% but there are also tough places to pass outside of London.

The pass rate in Carlisle is just 35.7% and around 37% in parts of Birmingham.

How to find the best driving test centre

The DVA releases data on pass rates every three months.

The latest figures were released in December 2021 so the next batch of data will come out in March 2022.

This should give you an indication of pass rates in your area or places near you.

Moving to the Scottish Highlands, where pass rates are highest, is unlikely to be the most effective strategy for learner drivers.

This is because instructors suggest it is best to learn on local roads so you become used to them and boost your chance of passing.

You are also unlikely to be able to find an instructor in a totally different part of the country that you can travel to, practice and take a test.

But you could check the DVA data to see if there are neighbouring areas and different test centres close to you with higher pass rates, this could work in larger cities.

It will also depend on your driving instructor and the area they operate in.

If you are learning with an instructor, speak to them about your nearest and most suitable test centre.

You can also check which test centres are closest to you using the website.

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