Sore Loser Trump Snaps at Reporter for Doing His Job

After weeks of not taking questions from reporters, Trump decided to take out his election loss anger on a reporter who was simply doing his job on Thanksgiving.

First, Trump spoke with a gaggle of reporters following a holiday call with US service members stationed around the world. After thanking them for their service and wishing them a happy Thanksgiving the president whined about the election results while falsely insisting there was “massive fraud.”

When asked whether he would concede after the electoral college votes for Joe Biden, Trump responded, “It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede. Because we know there was massive fraud.”

The president rambled from there, making all sorts of false claims while stating, “I didn’t lose.”

Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason tried to pin the president down, asking again about the electoral college, which is set to vote on December 14th.

Trump replied, “Well if they do, they made a mistake because this election was a fraud.”

As Trump continued his false narrative that the election was rigged, Mason interrupted, setting the president off.

“Don’t talk to me that way,” Trump said, snarling, “You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way… I’m the president of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

Thursday wasn’t the first time Trump tried to bully Mason. In October, the president mocked the reporter for wearing a mask by oddly claiming Mason’s mask was “the largest mask I think I’ve ever seen.”

To make matters even more strange, the president, who had just spewed lies for over 30 minutes claiming the election was rigged against him, condescendingly answered, “Certainly I will. Certainly I will. And you know that,” when asked whether he’d vacate the White House if the electoral college voted in Joe Biden.

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