Sony releases a PlayStation retro console

New York (CNN Business)Sony unveiled the technical specifications of its upcoming PlayStation 5 Wednesday, which will include 3D audio and support for nearly 100 older PS4 games.

Sony (SNE) wrote in a blog post that the PS5 is offering support for “almost” all of the top 100 PS4 titles and that it will continue to test and add more games from its library of more than 4,000 PS4 games.
As announced last year, the PS5 is getting SSD storage for shorter loading time. The graphics chip has been bumped up for higher screen resolution and can support ray tracing, which adds more realistic shadow and lighting effects.

    The PlayStation 5 can support 4K gaming and even 8K, although 8K gaming has yet to gain traction given the challenges of loading graphic-intense games during fast-paced, interactive scenes.
    The PS5’s 3D audio feature will make virtual raindrops sound like they’re falling from different directions and can help players pinpoint where an in-game enemy is lurking.

    “We had a dream of what might be possible five years from now,” said Mark Cerny, lead system architect for the PS5, about the team’s interest in 3D audio, during Sony’s Wednesday livestream on YouTube (GOOG).
    The original talk was aimed at developers for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that was to take place this week. The conference was postponed over coronavirus concerns.
    Sony’s announcement fell flat with consumers.
    Many YouTube comments complained that the developer-focused talk, math-heavy and jargon-filled, was boring. Some demanded the PlayStation 5 be released so they could simply buy the console without sitting through the talk. But hardware makers have to show off their new devices’ capabilities to developers so they can build software that meets the specifications.
    The announcement came two days after Microsoft unveiled the technical specifications of its Xbox Series X. Although pricing is still unknown, Microsoft said the Series X’s new features will include support for 4K graphics at 60 to 120 frames per second, which allows games to appear smooth during even the most action packed scenes.

      Both the Series X and PlayStation 5 are slated for release this holiday season.

      This was always going to be a dev focused presentation, as it was planned for GDC. However, I feel that a consumer focused event first might have been a better strategy.

      ofc this is assuming that GDC cancellations and COVID-19 didn't throw a wrench into original plans etc…

      Sony has said the PlayStation 5 will feature a redesigned controller. It will include haptic feedback and improved tactile sensations such as rumbling and shaking, allowing users to get more immersed in games.
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