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IF you've noticed a problem with your Sky TV there are a number of things you might be doing wrong to cause it.

Sky Glass relies on a good broadband connection to work given that it doesn't use a satellite dish like Sky Q.

But where you place your Sky Glass TV can also have an impact.

Here are three mistakes you may be making.

Excessive heat is not good

Your Sky Glass TV needs to stay well ventilated.

So keep it away from heat, like vents on other electronic devices, radiators and direct sunlight.

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The same goes for your router as well – be sure to read our guide on the best and worst places to put your broadband router here.

Give it space

Sky Glass, like all electronic devices, need a good amount of space to breathe.

Ensure yours has at least 10cm of space above and on all sides.

The carpet is not a suitable place to put your Sky Glass TV – or any TV for that matter.

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And enclosed spaces like a cabinet are not a good idea either.

Don't stack

The same goes for keeping stuff near your Sky Glass TV.

Don't stack other devices around it – that's all over, whether it be beneath, on top or next to the TV.

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