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One of the highest-rated games of 2023 has had the best items removed following an unintended bug.

Fans were excited to see more rare loot in the game, but have quickly been left disappointed.

Diablo 4 has certain Helltide Events for players on higher difficulty levels happening every few hours.

Completing these challenges allows players to gain rarer loot from rewards known as Helltide Chests.

This is currently the best way for experienced players to gain the best items and more experience.

The best grade of loot in Diablo 4 is known as Uber Unique, and this is the gear everyone wants to get their hands on.

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This loot was supposed to have a rare chance of dropping from Helltide Chests, but an error meant that it never did.

Developer Blizzard tried to change this by slightly increasing the drop rate of the coveted loot.

However, it seems that the issue was overcorrected, as Helltide Chests went from never dropping Uber Uniques to always dropping Uber Uniques.

As soon as players released this, they obviously rushed to take part in Helltide Events, hoping to grab their own Uber Unique.

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As this was happening though, Blizzard were soon to catch on, and the company overcorrected once more.

While the issue is being fixed, Blizzard has removed Uber Uniques from being dropped in the game at all.

The official Diablo Twitter reads: “We have temporarily disabled Uber Uniques from dropping in-game while we address an issue with Helltide Chest drops. 

“For more information please check our forums.”

There are two factions of fans: those who want Helltide Chests to keep dropping Uber Uniques so everyone can grab one, and those who want people who picked up an Uber Unique to have their loot removed.

With issues like this it feels impossible to please everyone, but no one appears happy with these changes.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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