Queen speech: Monarch confirms huge property planning overhaul affecting homes in England

Queen: Single golden throne placed in House of Lords

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The Queen mentioned the Government’s proposed changes to property planning laws in her latest speech today. The Government bill aims to address the housing shortage in the UK.

Changes to the law could help to relax controls around building houses in England.

It will allow an overhaul of the planning system that could get rid of the current case-by-case assessment of planning applications.

This could be replaced with a zoning system which would aim to speed up the planning process and help councils meet house building targets.

The monarch discussed this during the 10 minute speech which she made from the throne in the House of Lords.

During her speech, Queen Elizabeth II stated: “My Government will help more people to own their own home while enhancing the rights of those who rent.

“Laws to modernise the planning system so that more homes can be built will be brought forward along with measures to end the process of ground rent for new leasehold properties.”

The monarch continued in her speech to address the safety of any new homes that are built.

She added safety measures will be enforced to ensure there is no risk to homeowners buying new properties.

“My ministers will establish in law a new building safety regulator to ensure that the tragedies of the past are never repeated,” the monarch continued.

CEO of FJP Investment Jamie Johnson commented on the planning changes mentioned by the Queen.

He explained what the “laws to modernise the planning system” stated by the Queen could mean.

“Today’s Queen’s Speech confirms that the Conservatives are pushing ahead with their plans to significantly reform the UK planning system,” the expert stated.

“While the focus of the initiative is to accelerate the ‘levelling-up’ process, ensuring more new homes are built, we should still expect plenty of opposition to the bill.

“People will understandably be wary that if they live in one of the soon-to-be-designated ‘growth’ zones, they could see green spaces built on and have their daily lives disrupted by major construction works.

“Yet at the same time, few would deny that the Government must take action if the UK’s housing shortage is to be effectively addressed; making it quicker and easier for housing projects to get the green light is an important part of that.”

The expert commented on the importance of the bill, but suggested getting it right for all will be a “balancing act”.

“It’s clearly a careful balancing act. For me, however, there must also be a keen focus on the quality of the new-build projects,” Jamie continued.

“Evidence has shown in the past that many prospective home buyers are put off buying newly-built homes.

“This is either because they dislike the style and character of the property, they do not trust the quality of the work, or the surrounding area and infrastructure do not appeal.

“Simply constructing more houses will not necessarily help; they must be the right houses within the right ecosystems.

“As ever, the devil will be in the detail as the bill takes shape.”

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