Property for sale? Phil Spencer reveals how to sell fast without spending a fortune

Selling a home is not always easy, but following a property expert’s advice could give homeowners an edge to sell their house as quickly as possible for the best price. Phil Spencer, the property guru, co-founder of Move iQ and presenter of Location Location Location on Channel 4, has revealed his top tips exclusively with to help would-be sellers put their homes up on the market and make a profit quickly.


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He said: “After three and a half tough years following the EU referendum, sellers are finally enjoying a moment in the sun.

“But while 2020 has brought a surge in the number of potential buyers, it has also increased competition as more would-be sellers put their homes on the market.

“To sell quickly and at the best price, your home needs to stand out from the crowd.”

According to the expert these are a few tried and tested tips to give property owners an edge during selling.

1. Buyers don’t always want a ‘fixer upper’

Phil said: “It’s surprising how far a few tins of paint and some light DIY work can take you when you’re preparing to sell your home.

“First impressions matter whenever a prospective buyer comes on a viewing, so make them count. Remember, not all would-be buyers will want a place that’s a project; many will prefer to feel they could move in tomorrow.

“Making your home visually appealing and look loved needn’t involve spending thousands; focus on fixing the areas that need some TLC.”

2. Spruce up the place

He added: “This might seem like an obvious one but a few hours – and some elbow grease – spent on getting your home spick and span is worth its weight in gold.

“Vacuum everywhere, get the kitchen and bathroom gleaming and make sure there are no dishes in the sink.

“Ensuring your home has an inviting smell is especially important, so consider opening the windows, taking out the cat litter and taking your dog for a walk during a viewing.”

3. Create a canvas for potential buyers

“When it comes to selling your home, it can be hard to depersonalise your belongings from the property,” Phil Spencer said.

“Potential buyers like to see that somewhere has some character but they also want to envisage themselves living there.

“Remove some of the clutter lying around and you might just find a sweet spot and create some more space in the process.”


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4. Remove yourself from the equation… at least at first

Phil explained: “In the same way that you should depersonalise your home, it also pays to take yourself physically out of the picture – at least for the first viewing.

“If you are using the services of an estate agent, trust them to do their job and allow prospective buyers to take in everything without you being there.”

5. Consider the garden an extension of the home

“If your property has a garden space, make sure you treat it as part of the overall package,” Phil said.

“Aside from basic maintenance like sweeping up leaves and tidying up, gardens are an area where spending a little can deliver a lot.

“Adding a few plants from a garden centre and repairing the fences will make your garden instantly more attractive, and could speed up a sale,” he added.

Phil continued: “Selling your home can be a tricky business and the price it ultimately fetches will depend on lots of factors, but never underestimate the importance of appearance.”

For more information on any aspect of selling a property, there’s a wealth of free information on Phil Spencer’s property advice site

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