Property experts share tips to add value to your home – with an extra room adding 15%

Property: Expert advises on how to add value to your home

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Property renovations have been extremely popular over the last year or so with more people spending time at home. Renovating your home can not only improve your home’s functionality but can increase the value of it too. During the current property boom, adding value to your home puts you in a great position as a seller.

Experts at Online Mortgage Advisor have shared a plethora of ways you could add value to your property by renovating your home.

From loft conversions to going open plan, the experts claim some of these options can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your home.

Loft conversion

If you have loft space, converting it it a great way to add an extra room and therefore add value to your property.

Popular ideas at the moment include adding a cinema room, a gym, an additional bedroom and even a bathroom.

According to the experts, adding an extra room to your home can add 15 percent to the value of your property.

If you add an ensuite up there too, you can add even more value.

Garage conversion

Similar to a loft conversion, converting your garage can add a lot of value to your home.

Transforming a garage into an extra bedroom, a games room or a gym will add value to your home while adding something unique to your property.


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However, before you start, make sure you’ve got a budget in place, and keep in mind that too niche a space can put buyers off.

Make your downstairs area open plan

Open plan living can be really appealing to home buyers because it can add light and space.

People who like hosting guests enjoy open plan spaces that allow them to cook and socialise at the same time.

An open plan space, especially in a home that lacks light, can make a home highly desirable and more investable.

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If your budget allows, look to install patio doors so you can create an indoor/outdoor feel.

Get planning permission before you sell

This may sound strange but buying a home with planning permission already in place can make a property more appealing.

Showing a buyer that they can go straight into any building work without jumping through planning permission hoops is hugely encouraging.

Make sure the exterior is aesthetically pleasing

The exterior of your property is the first thing people see when they view your home online and in person.

Having a property with a lovely outdoor area, both at the front and in the garden, is a priority for a lot of people.

Within your garden, ensure every area has purpose whether that’s a place to host and dine, a place to sunbathe when the warm weather comes or even a vegetable patch.

However, the mortgage experts have said it’s important you make sure the space is easily reversible as what you like isn’t what everyone else likes.

But having a layout in place will allow them to visualise themselves in your home.

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