Prince Andrew ‘won’t be getting kicked out’ of £30million home

Prince Andrew 'won't be kicked out' of home says Russell Myers

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Prince Andrew was protected by his mother while she was alive, but now that his eldest brother is on the throne, things could look a little different. However, a royal expert shared in a recent interview that Andrew will be safe in Royal Lodge, for the time being.

Prince Andrew is unlikely to be kicked out of Royal Lodge as the late Queen will have made plans for him before her death, according to a royal expert.

Talking on The Royal Beat podcast recently, Russell Myers said Andrew and Sarah “won’t be getting kicked out” of the home they share together.

The former couple lives in the same property despite being divorced. The pair have two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who live nearby and often visit them when they are in the UK.

Mr Myers also said the Queen will have “looked after” Andrew in terms of money, as, he said, there has been much “discussion” surrounding this topic since the Queen’s death.

He said: “There’s been a lot of discussion about where Andrew’s money will come from, how he will finance his lifestyle, but the Queen will have looked after him.”

Royal Lodge was leased to Andrew following the Queen Mother’s death. Along with the main house, the lease included the Gardener’s Cottage, the Chapel Lodge, six Lodge Cottages, police security accommodation, and a huge 40 hectares of land.

Andrew was required to pay for any renovations to the property himself, which were reportedly around £7.5million.

The royal moved into Royal Lodge in 2004, accompanied by Sarah and their daughters. What is it like inside?

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A mansion more than a lodge, the property reportedly has 30 rooms and 21 secluded areas, as well as a huge garden. This extends into Windsor Great Park, which Prince Andrew has said is “spectacular when the rhododendrons bloom”. The property is reportedly worth at least £30million, as of January 2022.

Inside, a gothic drawing-room occupies the heart of the house, according to The Telegraph. There is a grand saloon with sage green panelling, soaring ceilings, oil painting depicting the surrounding park, and a huge Persian carpet.

In one of the corridors is a sword which is tied to an amusing story. According to Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice accidentally cut Ed Sheeran’s face with the ornament while pretending to knight the singer James Blunt.

There is also a study, where Princess Elizabeth and her father, King George VI, were photographed inside in 1942.

Every surface of the Lodge reportedly features expensive floral displays and many framed photographs of Sarah.

The Duchess of York has given royal fans glimpses of the house since the beginning of the pandemic, mainly through Zoom calls.

Her calls always seemed to be filmed in a conservatory with windows spanning the width of the room, white walls, and multiple potted plants.

In 2020, Sarah shared a photo on Instagram unveiling another part of the room where there was a charcoal grey drinks cabinet. In it, there was a selection of glasses and drinks.

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Some have found it surprising and strange that Sarah and Andrew still live together. The Duchess has even described her and Andrew as “the happiest divorced couple in the world”.

Royal author Penny Junor said: “Who knows what the relationship really is. It seems utterly bizarre.”

Speaking to the Guardian, Penny added: “She [Sarah] has not just stood silently by his side. She actually speaks out in favour of him.”

Sarah and Andrew also bought a £18million ski chalet in Verbier five years ago.

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