Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour: all Pokemon, dates, and bonuses for January 2022

POKEMON Go's Spotlight Hours gives players an increased chance to encounter Diglett, Plusle, and Minun this month.

The weekly event sees boosted spawn rates for select pokemon for one hour, as well as special bonuses.

Niantic laid out January's schedule in a lengthy blog post about what's coming up this month for players.

So let's cut to the chase and dig into the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for January 2022.

When's the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour?

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours take place every week on Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm, local time.

Each Spotlight Hour highlights a different pokemon as well as special bonuses.

Here's the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January schedule, so you don't miss out:

  • January 4
    • Solosis
    • Double Candy when transferring pokemon
    • Diglett
    • Double Stardust for every pokemon caught
    • Plusle
    • Double Candy for each pokemon caught
    • Minun
    • Double Candy when transferring pokemon

    With the exception of Solosis, the pokemon appearing during Spotlight Hour have a chance of being Shiny.

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    Using bonus items during PokemonGo Spotlight Hours is always handy.

    You can use Incense to boost spawn rates of nearby pokemon even more, as well as Pinap Berries to double Candy on top of the event bonus.

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