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CHECK your TV model right now – you might have a special "Netflix" TV.

Netflix approves a special roster of TVs that meet special criteria that mean you get the very best experience.

So if you have one of the approved TVs, you should have the best all-round telly time.

It's not just about picture quality, but various factors that affect how you enjoy the app.

"The Netflix Recommended TV program helps you identify which TVs deliver a better experience for Netflix and other apps by rigorously testing performance, ease-of-use, and other features," Netflix explains.

"It can be overwhelming to understand all of the options when buying a TV.

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"While price, picture quality, and screen size can be easy to research, it is hard to measure a TV’s true performance and ease of use.

"Our criteria are designed to bring you a faster, easier and better viewing experience from beginning to end.

"To achieve a recommendation, a smart TV must meet at least 5 of the 7 criteria listed below."

One of the criteria is speed.

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So does your TV turn on instantly and remember where you are?

And can Netflix launch and operate quickly, rather than taking an age?

Netflix also asks that a recommended TV be easy to use.

That means it's very simple to find from the TV menu, or on the remote control.

It'll also need to update in the background so that the latest Netflix TV shows and movies are always displayed.

And Netflix also enforces a "better" criteria.

That means you have a high-res Netflix interface with sharp text, clear images and the latest functionality – simply put, visually impressive.

It also needs to be optimised for a interactive experience.

And it must come with the newest version of Netflix, including all the latest bells and whistles.

Netflix recommends the following TVs…

Samsung QLED 8K / QLED 4K / Lifestyle TVs:

  • Q950TS
  • Q900TS
  • Q800T
  • Q90T
  • Q80T
  • Q70T
  • The Sero
  • The Frame
  • The Serif

Sony Bravia TVs:

  • X900H
  • X90CH
  • X800H
  • X80CH
  • A8H
  • A9S
  • X950H
  • Z8H

But it's also possible that newer TVs also meet these criteria.

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So don't panic if yours hasn't made the list: it might simply be so new and impressive that Netflix hasn't had the chance to test it yet.

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