People are just realizing hidden meaning behind iPhone's Maps app logo – you're a true fan if you recognize the location | The Sun

THE Apple Maps logo on your iPhone has a hidden meaning that true fans may have noticed.

You probably see the icon dozens of times a day – but have you ever really thought about it?

Apple Maps comes pre-installed on every iPhone.

And despite a rough launch back in 2012, it's now a brilliant rival to Google Maps.

The Apple Maps app logo is globally recognizable, and it shows a very specific location.

It might just look like some intersecting roads to most people.

But keen Apple fans should recognize the location.

It's actually the road passing near to the giant Apple Park HQ in Cupertino, California.

The map isn't perfectly accurate, but it does show Interstate 280 crossing over in yellow, intersecting with N Wolfe Rd.

And in the top-right corner, you can see part of the circular Apple Park spaceship campus building.

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It wasn't always this way.

The old Apple Maps logo instead showed 1 Infinite Loop, which was the long-time HQ for Apple.

But in 2017, the logo was changed to celebrate the opening of the new Apple Park campus.

Apple has always used various iterations of its campus maps for the Apple Maps icon.

It's changed in small ways over the years, but the meaning has always stayed the same.

The original iPhone didn't launch with its own Apple maps app.

But in 2012, Apple Maps came out as a replacement for Google Maps as the default iOS mapping service.

It was widely criticized at launch for bugs and mistakes, but has improved massively in recent years.

Now it's one of the most popular apps on iPhone, with Apple saying it has hundreds of millions of users in 2020.

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