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IF your Wifi is unreliable there could be a simple explanation – but it's not what you think.

Electronic devices in your home emit radio waves, which can affect your Wifi's signal, causing your connection to cut out or slow down.

Channels are the different ranges of frequencies that the WiFi network can use, so when multiple devices like microwaves or Bluetooth speakers, use the same channel as your router, this can interfere with your Wifi connection.

Which devices affect it?

  • Baby monitors (if they operate on the 2.4Ghz frequency)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Microwaves

Can the issue be solved?

Devices can be switched from the 2.4GHz band to 5GHz, to alleviate the problem, according to BroadbandBuyer.

This is because 2.4GHz WiFi offers only 3 non-overlapping channels, but 5GHz WiFi offers 23 non-overlapping channels, which should limit interference.

Plus, keeping your router away from the devices will also help, and locate it in areas that provide as much open space as possible.

What else could be the cause?

If you're still getting disrupted WiFi, this could be down to a neighbor's signal.

All routers must operate on one of several channels, and we rarely change the configuration of those channels.

So, it's plausible that your neighbor's router using the same channelmeaning multiple sets of signals are interfering with each other.

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Where should I place my Wifi?

Experts recommend choosing a central location to optimize the signal. 

If it's placed in a corner, you risk that signals getting sent outside of your home. 

Similarly, if it's being placed somewhere with lots of walls, like a closet or a cabinet, you risk a slower connection. 

Because your router shoots its strongest signals downwards, it's also important to mount it somewhere high.

Another Wifi tip to consider

A commonly help belief by more frugal Wifi owners is that turning it off at night can save you money – but this could be a mistake, according to experts.

Nick Hunn, chief technology officer at wireless consultancy WiFore, previously told The Sun that turning WiFi off may take up more energy than it's worth.

He said: "If you turn the router off every day, upload and download speeds are likely to be poorer.

"You’re more likely to have a slower connection with things buffering.

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"Because it is slower you use more power, which increases the consumption."

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