Pension credit will not be available for some people who reach state pension age

State pension will be received by anyone who hits certain national insurance criteria. However, the payments themselves are relatively low when compared to current living costs. The government has certain perks in place to remedy this but they will not be available for everyone.


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State pension can currently take form in two different ways.

There is basic state pension, applicable for men born before 6 April 1951 or women born before 6 April 1953. The most that can be received from this state pension is £129.20 per week.

There is also a “new” state pension which came into effect from the 6th of April 2016. Anyone who reached state pension age after this date would receive the new state pension which pays out a maximum of £168.60 per week.

These maximums, for all forms of state pension, will be raised every year under the triple lock system.

On top of the state pensions, the government offers pension credits which are income related benefits.

Pension credit is an extra payment that the government will provide for people who are on particularly low incomes in retirement.

The benefit is split into two parts, guarantee credit and savings credit.

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Guarantee credit will top up weekly income if the claimant receives less than £167.25 a week if they’re single, or £255.25 for couples.

To qualify for pension credit the person must live in either England, Scotland or Wales and have reached state pension age, which will rise to 68 come October.

So long as the person qualifies guarantee credit can be easily claimed.

The government detail that the quickest way to do this is by calling the pension credit claim line, all that will be needed is a national insurance number and other personal details.


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However, there may be issues with claiming the second form of pension credit, Savings credit.

Savings credit provides additional payment for people who saved money towards their retirement.

This payment could be up to £13.72 a week for single people or £15.35 for married couples and civil partners.

Savings credit will not be available for many retirees, even if they receive guarantee credit.

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