NatWest and RBS to close 36 more bank branches across UK

NatWest Group has announced another 36 more branch closures as high street banks continue to disappear.

NatWest and sister bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are among the high street banks that will be closing some of their doors this year as the volume of in-store customers remains low.

NatWest said it will close 34 additional sites between September 2023 and July 2024, and RBS will shut two branches in November 2023, according to LINK, the UK’s largest cash machine network.‌

This brings the total number of NatWest branches scheduled to close this year and next year to 140, while the figure for RBS is four.

If people need face-to-face support and their bank is shutting, it is worth seeing if a NatWest mobile branch or community pop-up bank is available near them.

Community pop-ups are cashless so if someone needs to withdraw money or cash a cheque, they’ll need to visit their nearest branch or Post Office.

The pop-ups can help with services such as viewing or cancelling Direct Debits, making international payments, paying bills via Faster Payment and much more.

NatWest also works with other UK banks to open shared banking hubs on a set day each week, where people can use basic services.

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For more information, people can visit the NatWest website.

‌A NatWest spokesperson said: “As with many industries, most of our customers are shifting to mobile and online banking because it’s faster and easier for people to manage their financial lives.

‌“We understand and recognise that digital solutions aren’t right for everyone or every situation, and that when we close branches we have to make sure that no one is left behind.

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“We take our responsibility seriously to support the people who face challenges in moving online, so we are investing to provide them with support and alternatives that work for them.”

‌Here’s the full list of the latest banks set to close:

  • NatWest, Corby, September 26
  • NatWest, Gloucestershire, September 26
  • NatWest, London, September 27
  • NatWest, Bexhill, September 27
  • NatWest, Bognor Regis, September 27
  • NatWest, Camberwell, September 28
  • NatWest, Gosport, September 28
  • NatWest, Cleethorpes, October 3
  • NatWest, Southampton, October 4
  • NatWest, Sidcup, October 4
  • NatWest, Southgate, October 5
  • NatWest, Woodley, October 5
  • NatWest, Stanmore, October 10
  • NatWest, Tiverton, October 10
  • NatWest, Parkhouse Industrial Estate, October 11
  • NatWest, London, October 11
  • NatWest, Beckton, October 12
  • NatWest, Weybridge, October 12
  • NatWest, Wickersley, October 17
  • NatWest, Prestwich, October 18
  • NatWest, Tavistock, October 18
  • NatWest, Alton, October 19
  • NatWest, Exmouth, October 19
  • NatWest, Norwich, October 31
  • NatWest, Wanstead, October 31
  • NatWest, Leicester, November 2
  • NatWest, Camborne, November 7
  • NatWest, Plymouth, November 7
  • NatWest, Colchester, November 7
  • NatWest, Ipswich, November 8
  • NatWest, Shotton, November 9
  • NatWest, London, November 9
  • RBS, Dingwall, November 1
  • RBS, Dundee, November 2

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