MSNBC opinion piece compares Republicans to Taliban

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MSNBC brought what some consider an extreme take on the Afghanistan crisis by comparing pro-life Republicans to the Taliban.

On Wednesday, MSNBC published “Afghan women’s rights are threatened — but the GOP isn’t their champion” by Dean Obeidallah which claimed that the “Taliban aren’t the only ones trying to impose their will on women’s bodies and choices.”

The opinion piece noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., and Rep. Steve Chabot of Ohio have all spoken out against the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Each of them noted women and girls will be the most vulnerable from this terrorist organization.

“And yet,” Obeidallah writes, “I have to wonder where these voices were when extremists, based on a narrow reading of their religion’s beliefs, enacted a law that forces a woman who was raped to carry the fetus of the rapist to term?”

Throughout the piece, Obeidallah criticized Republicans for allegedly behaving like the Taliban despite supporting women’s rights in Afghanistan. Although he denied this comparison directly, he maintained that some Republicans “champion measures to deprive women of freedom.”

“Look, nobody is saying the GOP and the Taliban are equally bad. But in just the past few months, we’ve seen Republicans champion measures to deprive women of freedom over their own bodies, as well as oppose laws to protect women from violence and ensure that women are paid the same wages as men. And they’ve done so, at least in part, to impose their religious beliefs on all others,” Obeidallah wrote.

Obeidallah closed his piece once again comparing the GOP to the Taliban despite his insistence he was not equating the two.

He wrote, “If the GOP wants to show that it is sincerely concerned with the rights of the women in Afghanistan, it can start by first championing the human rights of women in the U.S. But instead, it is doing all it can to prevent gender equality while oppressing women based on its members’ extreme religious beliefs. Sound familiar?”

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