Mrs Hinch shares top tips for a spotless living room – ‘serious arm workout’

Mrs Hinch shares tips on cleaning ‘stubborn’ pet fur

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Mrs Hinch, author of the Sunday Times bestseller Hinch Yourself Happy, shared how to ‘hinch’ the most prominent aspects of your living room, the sofa and rug.

The cleaning mogul started with how to properly clean a sofa.

Firstly, she recommended stripping the sofa of any seat and decorative cushions, before checking for coins; “Finders keepers!”

Next, hoover all “unwanted findings, from crumbs to God knows what else” down the sides of the sofa.

It’s important to then use a lint roller to collect any lint and loose hairs, particularly for those who own “fur babies”.

Mrs Hinch then suggested dipping a white cloth into a mixture of warm water, two capfuls of fabric softener and a capful of Ariel Gel, wringing it out and scrubbing away at the sofa.

However, she urged readers to do patch tests to check that the products are safe for the fabric of the sofa.

Finally, use a body brush to “help revive the fibres”, before allowing it to air-dry and then reassembling.

Your guests will feel like they’re sitting on a throne!

Mrs Hinch’s top tip for having beautifully scented cushions is to “simply pop a scented tumble dryer sheet into your cushion cover and replace them weekly”.

For a sweet-smelling sofa, she spritzes hers with Febreeze Spring Awakening, which is like “a giant fragrant hug”.

The cleaning influencer explained one of her great pleasures is a cosy sofa which doesn’t let your feet touch the ground when you sit back on it.

“When I sit on my sofa my feet dangle, which makes me so happy, I feel like a big kid again.”

For those who want aesthetic “karate-chopped cushion”, Mrs Hinch explained that they have to be feather.

“If you have wadding-type stuffing, frankly you’re stuffed.”

As for rugs, Mrs Hinch credited a “fellow Hincher” for the perfect clean rug hack.

Soak a white cloth in a mixture made up of a capful of fabric softener, Ariel Excel Washing Gel and warm water.

Be prepared for a “serious arm workout”, as you rub the cloth over the rug in sections, making sure to rinse it regularly.

“Then, use a hand-held all-purpose scrub brush to revive the surface pile by brushing the rug/carpet back to life.

“Allow it to air-dry, and ta-da! Done!”

Mrs Hinch’s final tip was to “scrub to the beat, babe!”, as cleaning is much more enjoyable with your favourite playlist on in the background.

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