Media ripped for timing on coverage of more Cuomo bombshells: 'It's politically expedient now'

Media top headlines August 10

In media news today, Washington Post calls for CNN to investigate Chris Cuomo, Vogue gets ripped as ‘frauds’ for a glowing feature on Jen Psaki, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid claims those angry at maskless Obama party are only mad because they weren’t invited

Conservative and liberal figures are accusing the media of only reporting on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s multiple scandals now that he’s no longer “politically expedient” in the wake of the string of sexual harassment allegations, against him, some of which may come with criminal charges.

The New Yorker published a new report from Ronan Farrow on Tuesday detailing a potentially illegal phone call Cuomo made to the Obama White House in 2014 during a corruption investigation in New York. The governor had railed against the Moreland Commission and Preet Bharara, then U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, to Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, according to the report. Experts told Farrow that the call was both inappropriate and potentially illegal. 

Danya Perry, a former federal prosecutor who served as the Moreland Commission’s chief of investigations and Kathleen Rice, a U.S. representative from Long Island who served as one of the commission’s co-chairs, are quoted in the piece explaining why they were only now speaking out for the first time.

“Both Perry and Rice said that they had not spoken out until now because Cuomo or members of his inner circle had threatened their careers, and because they had seen his team successfully retaliate against others,” Farrow reported.

Farrow’s piece could be constituted as another bombshell about the governor, but critics noted the “interesting timing” of the piece, concluding the governor was no longer any “use” to the press.

“He is of no longer any value to them,” Stephen Miller tweeted. “That’s the only reason this is all coming out now. You don’t get applause for doing your job because it’s politically expedient now.”

“Andrew Cuomo is no longer useful to the left and it shows,” New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz told Fox News. “When he was making himself posters and writing books about his amazing leadership, they kept him hoisted on that pedestal. But they’re first to pull him off now.” 

“Interesting timing!” Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavey tweeted.

“Oh hey um btw Cuomo maybe kinda sorta tried to obstruct a federal investigation from Preet Bharara into him by screaming at Obama White House senior adviser (and now Times Up! board member) Valerie Jarrett, Valerie Jarrett confirms (leaks?) more than seven freaking years later,” Dunleavy said in a follow-up tweet.

Politicians also noted the apparent seven-year delay on coverage of Cuomo’s improper call with Jarrett.

“The corruption of @NYGovCuomo administration has been clear for a long time, yet he was empowered by the political class to continue his misbehavior. And too much of the media often appeared most focused on getting access to Cuomo rather than speaking truth to power,” 2020 Green Party nominee for president Howie Hawkins said.

Cuomo’s former Republican gubernatorial opponent Rob Astorino argued that the governor has been given a pass for his behavior for years.

Additionally, media outlets were accused of ignoring or downplaying Cuomo’s nursing home mandate, in which he ordered facilities to accept recovering COVID-positive patients. That decision, his critics have alleged, could have led to the startling number of nursing home deaths in the state last year. His administration was later reported to have blocked the release of the true death toll. Yet during his growing scandal many in the media continued to praise his handling of the pandemic.

Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday, effective in two weeks.

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