Mayor of Texas border city blames Biden, Congress amid migrant crisis 'disaster'

Mayor of McAllen, Texas hits President Biden on illegal immigration

Javier Villalobos joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to break down the metrics of Biden’s border crisis, placing blame ‘in Washington’

The U.S.-Mexico border city of McAllen, Texas, took emergency action this week to establish an emergency shelter in response to the migrant crisis that has been affecting that area and other U.S. communities. On Thursday night, McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos, a Republican who was recently elected, discussed the situation with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle.”

The mayor pointed straight at President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress for not providing adequate federal management of the situation, thus placing a strain on local governments.

MAYOR JAVIER VILLALOBOS: Just two days ago … I signed a disaster declaration because, look, we finally need help.

People blame us sometimes, here in the municipality. We tell them it’s outside of our jurisdiction. You want to place blame? We know exactly where to do it, and that’s in Washington. And whether it be the president, Congress, the Senate, whatever it is, they’re the ones who can take care of it.

There’s an overflow [of migrants into our area]. We have to, two days ago, put up an emergency tent.


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