Luxury holidays with a budget price tag: New membership makes top UK vacations affordable

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The new long-stay membership scheme, available in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin, offers up to 21 overnight stays every month for a monthly membership fee of £900. Launching this membership scheme also saw Point A recruiting for a CEO: Chief Exploring Officer and encourages members to become their own CEO by becoming an A-List Explorer.

Benefits of the A-List Explorer membership include:

Up to 21 nights stay across all Point A properties.

Reserved workspace

Early/late check in and check-out

Free breakfast

Complimentary coffee and tea

Discounts with local partners such as gyms or cafes.

However, the hotel cannot become one’s primary residence, despite the clearly attractive and cheap prospects of doing so.

Point A has recently appointed their lucky candidate who has set off on an all-expenses paid trip across the UK to discover the definitive list of must-do and must-sees for holiday-makers. 

29-year-old Manchester resident Muinat Abdul began her 21-day adventure on Monday the 16th and will be documenting all of her adventures across the Point A Instagram channels to showcase the ultimate nationwide to-do list.

Ms Abdul, social media editor and content creator for Buzzfeed UK, has left behind her normal life for the next three weeks which will see her going from London to Edinburgh, working with Point A teams all along the way to build up the only travel itinerary needed for any UK holidaymaker. 

Point A has evaluated the getaway, including Ms Abduls’ ‘wage’, expenses and extras at a total of £7,500.

The job ad included requirements for the role:

Have a travel buddy to bring along

Be able to leave life behind for a three-week period

Be an insatiable explorer ready to try new things

Document your entire journey.  

Alongside having all of her holiday expenses paid for, Ms Abdul will also be receiving a £2,000 salary for her three week ‘work’ contract.

The lucky candidate was chosen for her love of travelling and her ability to spotlight local experiences through her own social media channels.

The pair of travellers now face a journey inundated with a vast variety of adventures that look to highlight the best places to see, fun things to do and delicious meal stops along the way, from a trip on the Thames Rockets to morning yoga at London’s Sky Garden.

Ms Abdul commented: “I applied for the CEO role because I love to share those little moments of joy on Instagram and I absolutely love travelling.

“I always share recommendations of where to go in London or Manchester, so this felt like an amazing opportunity to do that on a wider scale… and actually get paid to do it!

“I’m looking forward to trying new experiences, you can live somewhere your whole life and not actually do anything that may be seen as touristy.

“I’m really excited to push my horizons, and hopefully find loads of new things for visitors to see and do.”

“It means I get paid to travel, which has always been a dream of mine! It’s been a while since I’ve explored anywhere new due to the pandemic.

“Whilst London is my hometown, I really look forward to being a tourist in my own city; the Scottish part of the trip should be unforgettable too, as I’ve never spent time in Glasgow or Edinburgh before; whether it’s the haggis or the hilltop walks – bring it on.”
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