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WHILE some motorists might be protective of their car, letting others take the wheel from time to time could in fact save a significant amount on their insurance.

That’s as new data found that motorists who have their spouse on their insurance saved £261, on average, compared to a solo driver. 

And even if a couple isn’t married, adding an additional driver, like a partner, parent or sibling, could also result in significant savings. 

According to the latest car insurance price index, powered by WTW, drivers with their spouse on their policy pay £471, on average, compared to the £732 paid by solo drivers.

So, it’s good news that, given the current financial crisis that is affecting many Brits, there are still some ways to make a saving.

But why is it cheaper for coupled-up drivers? 


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In the eyes of insurers, having an additional named driver on a policy means that there are two experienced drivers in charge of that vehicle. 

This means that the risk of an accident is lower, as the load of driving is split. 

And for married couples, the savings are considerably greater, because the risk profile of these drivers is also safer to insurers. 

Married couples are typically in the age groups where insurance prices are lower, compared to younger drivers. 

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There is also the belief that married couples are more financially stable and less likely to claim for smaller incidents, which could be covered by themselves.

So with savings in mind, it might be tempting for drivers to bulk up their insurance policy with as many drivers as possible. 

But data shows that the average UK motorist with 2 or more additional named drivers on the policy are paying £760 – £28 more than the average price paid for a solo driver. 

This is because the risk of a claim then becomes greater with more people driving the car.

Although, it’s important to remember that if a driver shares their car with another person, they must be correctly insured, even if the cost is higher. 

Not all comprehensive policies offer ‘driving other cars’ as standard in their terms and conditions.  

Louise Thomas, motor insurance expert at said:

“Having a named driver on your policy has many benefits. 

“It means you can split the journey, lend them your car, or act quickly in an emergency. 

“But the financial reward is definitely something to consider. 

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“Car insurance prices are rising very quickly, with many drivers now paying the highest on record. 

“And so any saving you could make by adding someone to your policy is a win-win!”

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