Latest 3D technologies are celebrated by Mayam Digital Studio on virtual runway at IDFW

3D technology prevails today in many fields of the market, and lately, it has been actively implemented in fashion. The latest innovations were showcased by Mayam Digital Studio at International Digital Fashion Fashion Week, featuring two shows at once.
Each show reflects actual issues which cannot be ignored in the fashion industry any longer. Mayam speaks out for social and market changes using high-tech and 3D design art.
Signature studio´s virtual catwalk We Are the People is all about the Big Idea of expanding human horizons and opportunities. Ksenia Bezuglova’s avatar became the muse and main protagonist of the show.
Being a stunning model in a wheelchair, social activist, winner of the title Miss World among girls in wheelchairs, and motivational speaker, Ksenia emerged as an extraordinary character opening the way to limitless possibilities for many people, including disabled people. The virtual catwalk opens much more opportunities for people than the material world. But the point is that the human mind perceives these opportunities as if they were real.

Watch the digital fashion show:

The second fashion show, also created by MAYAM digital studio, deals with ecology, one of the most urgent problems nowadays. A young brand Ecoolska and designer Olga Skazkina with the help of MAYAM studio, have created a manifesto judging fast fashion ideology and referring to overproduction in the fashion industry.
All the videos are also available on the FNL Network platform.

The Digital Clothing market is still expanding and breaking new ground. For example, a 3D model by Mayam not only walks the virtual catwalk but also became the face of the digital forum in Monte Carlo.
Anna Grin, the CEO of Mayam, has been blogging on behalf of her avatar Maya for a long time. However, Maya has left her analogs behind in the technological sense. She was the first Instagram avatar that not only moved and danced but spoke and sang!
At its best, in the near future 3D technologies used in fashion can be an agent even for a life change.