Kamala Harris Accepts Historic VP Nomination as She Envisions a Country 'Where All Are Welcome'

Harris unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic presidential nomination before dropping out of the race in December.

This year, she has become a prominent voice in the Senate during throughout the pandemic and following the killing of George Floyd in May, which prompted nationwide demonstrations against police misconduct and injustice.

“There’s no vaccine for racism,” she said Wednesday night. “We’ve got to do the work for George Floyd, for Breonna Taylor, for the lives of too many others to name, for our children, and for all of us.”

Harris added: “None of us are free until all of us are free."

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Mary J. Blige's "Work That" played over the speakers as soon as Harris ended her acceptance speech, while a video board lit up behind her, showing voters at home, clapping in support.

A few reporters sat about 20 yards in front of Harris, who stood alone on stage as she accepted the nomination, and they watched as her husband, Doug Emhoff ,joined her near the podium afterwards to embrace her with a hug.

Biden and his wife, former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden, also joined them on stage — though at a distance — and waved and clapped in support of the nominee's remarks.

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