Jack P. Shepherd home: Inside Coronation Street star’s pad he shares with girlfriend Hanni

Corrie: Jack P Shepherd reveals filming has been 'rained off'

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Corrie star Jack P. Shepherd has been a part of the show since April 2000. He portrays character David Platt on the ITV soap and has won several awards in the role including Best Young Actor in 2001 at The Inside Soap Awards and Best Bad Boy at The Inside Soap Awards in 2007. He has also won two British Soap Awards including Villain Of The Year in 2008 and Best Actor in 2018.

Off the screen, Jack can be seen chilling with his girlfriend Hanni Treweek and their dogs.

Hanni reportedly worked behind the scenes of Coronation Street on the publicity team.

The couple have been together for over three years.

Jack was previously in a relationship with Lauren Shippey for fifteen years and the couple have two children together.

The children often appear in some of Jack’s social media posts.

So what does Coronation Street star Jack’s home look like inside?

Living room

Jack and Hanni’s living room is stunning with wooden floors, a grand fireplace and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The couple have a green sofa with mustard cushions on it against one wall with a small wooden chest of drawers next to it.

The walls have been kept white which matches the window shutters and radiator covers.

In a photo taken in December 2020, pale grey curtains can be seen hanging over another wall while a Christmas tree has been placed behind the sofa.

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The couple can be seen embracing on the sofa with one of their dogs.

Jack captioned the photo: “You get me through everything babe. I love you Hanni.”

Another similar photo from the same month reveals the couple stood next to their Christmas tree.

The wall has several framed photos on it including an old Vogue cover.

Various candles and ornaments have been placed on top of the radiator cover.

A video taken in April 2020 shows Jack dancing to the song Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters.

The video reveals more of Jack’s living room which includes a huge ornate mirror resting on the fireplace and lots of vases filled with flowers.


In Jack’s dancing video, his followers manage to get a glimpse of his entire home, including his kitchen.

The kitchen appears to be well-sized with oak cupboards, white marble floors and a white, ceramic Belfast sink.

The room appears to have two doors and a set of patio doors which lead out onto the back garden.

Several plants can be seen hanging from baskets and on the kitchen surfaces.


The Corrie actor took a short video in February which revealed a glimpse of his bedroom.

The room is white with a large ornate cream mirror opposite the bed.

The bed has a charcoal grey frame and lots of cushions on it.

The couple appear to have kept their decor neutral with cream carpets and white walls.

Spare room

Jack and Hanni have a spare room which appears in several of their photos.

It’s unclear what the room is used for but it seems to be devoid of furniture other than a large mirror.

The walls are cream with panelling across the bottom third and the carpets have been kept a neutral oatmeal colour.


In March, Jack shared short video of himself chopping wood in the garden.

He can be seen dancing after chopping up a log.

The garden looks relatively minimalist with a well-maintained lawn, some hedges, a container plant and some wooden fences.

Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm

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