‘It’s so important’: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘crucial’ tip when cleaning fridges

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Cleaning a fridge can be time consuming and is often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. However, it is extremely important to keep the fridge clean to help prevent the breeding of germs. Sharing on a dedicated cleaning Facebook page, one woman, Sherry Hume, explained how she cleans her fridge out.

She wrote: “It’s not fun, but cleaning my fridge from top to bottom and organising everything is satisfying.”

The cleaning fan shared a series of photos which showed exactly how she cleaned out her fridge.

She started by removing every food item and condiment in her fridge before removing the shelves.

Next, Sherry placed her fridge shelves into warm soapy water before drying them and reorganising her fridge.

While you can clean the shelves without taking them out, soaking them ensures that all germs are killed.

Sharing on another cleaning page, one woman, Linda Hobson, explained that it is “crucial” to clean the fridge from top to bottom.

She wrote: “Crucial tip for you guys here, and I only just discovered it.

“When cleaning your fridge, make sure you start at the top and work your way down, it’s so important.

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“It’s a bit like dusting the home, always start from the top so any spillages or food can be collected at the bottom.”

The post attracted several comments from people agreeing and sharing similar advice.

One woman, Tina Malone, wrote: “Always the way with all cleaning, never start at the bottom.

“To clean my fridge I just use soapy water, it works as good as any other cleaner.

“To help keep my fridge smelling clean I will always cut open a lemon and place it in the fridge once I am finished, smells delightful.”

Another user, Belle Lister explained that she puts the shelves in the dishwasher.

The majority of fridge shelves are dishwasher-safe but it is advised to make sure they warm up to room temperature before placing them in the washer.

Katie Dunn asked for some advice when it came to organising her fridge.

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She said: “I know I have quite a small fridge but there’s only two of us using it and so I am looking to make it more organised.

“It seems half of the fridge is taken up with sauces and it’s driving me crazy.”

Mrs Hinch fans rushed to the comments to share their organising tips and tricks which included buying organisational boxes.

One person, Wendy Murphy, explained: “Lidl and Aldi sometimes sell fridge organising boxes, so much cheaper than anywhere I’ve seen.

“I then separate them into meat, cheese, fruit and veg, it works so well and I highly recommend.”

Another woman, Georgie Lister, added: “I agree, they’re all I use to organise my fridge, they also make cleaning a lot more manageable because they’re a lot easier to clean.”

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