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A WOMAN claims she has proof that her Amazon Alexa device is 'always' listening to her.

She joins a chorus of dubious tech users who believe their devices are secretly spying on them.

In a recent TikTok, the woman, who goes by the username @ulrikepasternak, said the so-called spying incident happened when her dog was in her garden.

She was discussing with her husband who should go and pick "the stuff" their dog is playing with.

Her husband, without trousers and only in his boxers, then picks it up and complains that it is "nippy" outside.

She snaps back, saying: "Well, maybe you should have worn your pants!"


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She continued: "We have one of those fancy refrigerators that has video on it, is connected to our Ring doorbell and Alexa."

"And the next thing I hear is this…"

The smart fridge then says: "I added pants to your shopping list".

Smart speakers like Alexa often record and save what is being said after hearing the so-called 'wake' word, such as it's name.

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This is so it can learn more about its user's routine and habits, to ultimately become more helpful for its owner.

But Alexa may also misinterpret certain words or phrases as its wake word and begin recording what is said even if it wasn't supposed to.

This is when smart device users might find bizarre things like connected devices switching on and off or even purchases being made without their knowledge.  

An Amazon spokesperson said: "You’ll always know when Alexa is sending your request to the cloud because a blue light indicator will appear or an audio tone will sound on your Echo device."

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