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AN expert car mechanic has revealed some of their top tips about air conditioning, including one which can cool down your vehicle quickly.

The unnamed motors expert said that if you point the jets upwards, towards the roof of your car this will reduce the temperature inside faster and distribute the cool air evenly.

Writing on the Fixter blog, they said: “Pointing the jets at the roof of the car will spread the cold air around the vehicle faster, with an even distribution.

“This cools the car more effectively keeping everyone nice and cool—not just the driver.”

Another hack they revealed was don’t set the air con to full blast the moment you get in your motor.

They said that while it seemed the natural thing to do it wasn’t the best way to cool your car down.

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Because the compressor hasn’t had a chance to start cooling the air, you’ll simply be moving the hot air already inside your car around at high speed.

The expert said it was best to start off in a low mode and then gradually increase it as the air cooled.

In another tip, they said you can give your air conditioning a helping hand – by opening the windows, if only for a short time.

They advised that when it was really hot, it was best to open the rear windows just by a little and only for a minute or two.

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By doing this, they said the fans force the hot air out of your car.

However, if you do this always keep your front windows closed.

If the air escapes from the front of your car, the air in the back will remain hot and stagnant.

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