'Idiot' in £200,000 rented Lamborghini drives 200mph on the motorway before crashing and watching it explode in flames | The Sun

A DRIVER branded an 'idiot' online rented a £200,000 Lamborghini and filmed himself driving at 200mph on the motorway before crashing.

The footage was filmed in the US by the car's passenger and was uploaded to Reddit.

The man was driving at high speed in the rain before the car spun.

"We are driving at 315kph, 320kph, I don't care." says the driver on the video.

He and his friend were left in shock after seeing the crashed supercar totally destroyed and engulfed in flames.

Fortunately, the men weren't harmed by the crash but put other lives in danger.

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National Highway Safety Administration studies have shown that 46% of weather-related car accidents occur when driving in the rain.

For that reason, motor security experts recommend drivers slow down and leave more space between them and the vehicle in front as stopping distances in the rain are increased.

Reddit users were outraged after watching the video; most think the driver is irresponsible.

One user said: "200mph in the rain. What could possibly go wrong?


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Another said: "I don’t think the driver is OK. It appears his brain has been replaced by Swiss cheese."

A few users are questioning whether the car's insurance will cover the costs of repairing the Lamborghini.

One said: "Insurance might be a bit troubling if you crash it at 300+ km/h and dangerous driving."

Another asked: "Will the insurance cover the damages if you break the speed limit and crash?"

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