I was in a crash – then my battered car was hit with a parking ticket even though I left a note, it's insane | The Sun

A MAN whose car was left 'undrivable' in a crash was handed a hefty parking fine by the council while waiting for his vehicle to be towed.

The driver's Audi was unable to be moved after being battered by another car, but he was still handed a parking ticket by the council.

The crash happened outside the Bear and Bells pub in Old Market, Beccles, East Suffolk, at around midnight last week but the driver could not arrange for his Audi to be towed at the time.

He left a note visible through the windscreen that said: "This vehicle isn't driveable at the moment. We're waiting for it to be collected."

However, when he returned to the car, he found a fine slapped to the windshield, he told the Eastern Daily Press:"I just can't believe it – it is so annoying because the car was undriveable.

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"Police even told me this, but I had to wait for a tow truck and I even left a note in the window.

"I am so bogged down sorting my insurance claims out for the damage and this is another thing I will have to address."

Police arrived at the scene of the crash on Tuesday September 6 and a witness said: "It was at around midnight I was closing up, just like any normal day.

"It made me jump it was such a big bang – nobody was hurt and the police were here pretty quickly."

A spokesman for East Suffolk Council explained hand written notes are unlikely to protect motorists from receiving parking fines regardless of the situation.

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Another driver, Prashant Panwar was also given a fine, of £200, when his car was left stranded after thieves stole the exhaust and catalytic converter.

Despite appealing the fines, Mr Panwar was told by parking company PCM that he "should have called them earlier" to explain his situation.

If you have been handed a fine that you believe you are not entitled to paying there is an appeals service which has helped nearly 60% of users.

The service, the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, offers 90% of customers to appeal online and more than 75% of claims are dealt with within a month.

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