I cleaned my greasy microwave in two minutes using a 20p fruit hack

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Microwaves are swarming with germs, both from leftover food and skin contact. While some food splatters may be visible, bacteria can grow rapidly if not cleaned regularly. Due to the microwave being one of my most-used appliances, I wipe it down after every use. However, to deep clean it, I decided to try a lemon hack I saw online.

The inside of my microwave was covered in food splatters and grease, which is often hard to remove unless done so straight away when it occurs.

However, it had all settled and become rock solid, proving for it to be difficult to wipe away.

After researching and looking for quick hacks to melt the grime, I came across a hack using a whole lemon and some water.

Lemons are great for various cleaning jobs due to the citric acid in the fruit, which is both antibacterial and antiseptic.

The fruit, which can be picked up for as little as 20p each, can kill bacteria, remove mould and mildew, and even remove rust.

Cutting up a lemon into thin slices, I made sure no pips were present and placed it into a glass bowl along with some warm water.

It is important to use a bowl which can be placed in the microwave and one which can withstand hot water.

I then placed the bowl into the microwave and put it on the hottest setting for around two minutes.

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After a short time, the water started bubbling and turning a light yellow colour. My kitchen also started filling with a gorgeous lemon scent.

When the two minutes was up, I took the bowl out and took some kitchen roll to wipe around the inside of the appliance.

The bowl was extremely hot so I had to use oven gloves to remove it, making sure to place it on a heat proof surface. 

I wasn’t convinced this hack would work because the grime was extremely stubborn but it easily wiped away.

The steam trapped inside the microwave helps to loosen the grime and grease, allowing for easy cleaning.

What’s more, the lemon can help banish any odours present in the microwave as well as germs.

I have also used baking soda to clean my microwave, another eco-friendly affordable product, commonly used in baking.

While the lemon trick was certainly easier, baking soda is ideal for spot cleaning.

The product is a mild alkali meaning it isn’t too abrasive but can cut through grease and dirt in the microwave.

To do this hack, I sprinkled some baking soda in the bottom of the microwave and took a dampened cloth and wiped around the inside.

While this didn’t work on settled dirt, it removed small pieces of grease and grime.

Washing up liquid is also another great product for cleaning the inside of the microwave, but I personally prefer the lemon and water hack above anything else.

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