‘Huge selling point!’ ‘Effective’ ways to increase property value

Phil Spencer's advice on making your house presentable to sell

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Google searches for “virtual home staging” and “what is my house worth” are up by 100 percent. While home staging may not sound important, it could make or break a potential property sale. Staging a home is when a home is showcased and decorated in a way to showcase a home’s greatest assets.

Design expert Zara O’Hare from Land of Rugs has shared her top five hacks for preparing a home to be sold and which ones could land sellers the best price for their homes.

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is mentioned time and time again when it comes to selling a home because the exterior of the property is the first thing people see.

To maximise a property’s curb appeal, sellers should aim to clean windows, gutters and the sides of homes.

Remove weeds, mow lawns and plant flowers to create an attractive front garden.

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It may be necessary to invest in painting the exterior of a property if the paint is chipped or old.

Staging a patio area or outdoor space is a “huge selling point for buyers”, according to Zara.

Clean and declutter

Zara said: “One of the most effective and free things you can do to prepare your home is to clean and declutter.”

Everything needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, including appliances.

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Sellers need to make sure they clean the places that normally get ignored, such as corners and hidden areas.

Store or get rid of things that are cluttering the home. Less is better when it comes to furniture and decor. An open space is much more appealing to buyers.

Another important hack for selling a home is ensuring the home smells fresh and clean.

Invest in a soft fragrance like lemon or lavender to make a home smell inviting.

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Remove or store away personal items such as pictures, clothes and make-up so buyers can envision themselves living in your home.

Brighten up the space

Zara said: “You want your space to look as bright and open as possible, so open up those blinds!

“Let all of the natural light shine in and make sure the windows are clean.”

Consider renting a carpet cleaner or brightening up an old carpet or flooring with a rug.

Fresh paint can also make a big difference so if you have time and money, give rooms a quick paint.

Showcase your storage

Everyone loves having storage and it is one key element buyers are looking at.

The easiest way to make yours look more appealing is to declutter and organise. Store small items that look messy in baskets and containers. This will make spaces look larger.

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