Huge Apple leak teases iPhone 9, new iPad, Apple TV, 'tracker tags' and more

APPLE is reportedly planning to launch a rejigged iPad Pro, its first pair of over-ear headphones and a smaller, cheaper iPhone in 2020.

Tech geeks revealed the alleged upcoming releases after combing through an early version of iOS 14, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

Due for release in September, code for the system – still in development by Apple – was obtained by tech site 9to5Mac.

It contains many details about what to expect from Apple in 2020 as the California tech titan tunes its software in line with its looming gadget releases.

As well as a new iPad and iPhone, we're expecting a big update to Apple TV.

Read all about the rumoured gizmos below.

New iPad Pro

According to the iOS 14 code, the new iPad Pro will come with a triple camera system.

This will include ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, much like the last crop of flagship iPhones.

The camera will also feature a time-of-flight sensor, according to the code, likely to assist with new augmented reality features.

Recent reports have suggested Apple is developing a new augmented reality app.

Apparently, it'll allow users to hold up their iPhone or iPad to get more information about the world around them.

The leaked iPad Pro news lines up with other rumours we've heard about an incoming Apple tablet.

Earlier whispers have suggested the device will launch by April at a secret Apple event not yet announced by the tech giant.

That could be delayed, of course, by the Coronavirus outbreak currently sweeping the globe.

A 5G-ready iPad is also expected to hit shelves in September.

iPhone 9

Apple's code for iOS14 also dropped some major hints about the heavily-rumoured iPhone 9.

It's an alleged cheaper, smaller iPhone that could release by the end of March.

The iPhone 9 will come with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor system, according to the code.

It will apparently also come with Express Transit – the new Apple Pay feature that lets you make a payment without unlocking your Apple device.

Previous reports have suggested the iPhone 9 will cost just $399/£399 and look very similar to 2017's iPhone 8.

That means a fair bit of bezel around the screen and a potential return for the much-loved Home button.

The mobile's rumoured March release could be hampered by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

That's because many of the factories Apple uses to manufacture iPhones were shut down for weeks on end after the outbreak began in China.

Over-ear headphones

Apple is preparing to launch a pair of over-ear headphones, according to the iOS 14 code.

It follows months of rumours suggesting the iPhone maker's first proper headphones are secretly being developed.

Two icons for the alleged ear-gear were found by 9to5Mac in amongst the code.

They suggest the headphones will come in two colours: Black and white.

We can't tell much else from the icons, other than that the headphones appear to have ear and headband-padding.

Apple has already seen phenomenal success from its popular wireless AirPods earbuds.

And the company has owned Beats – Dr Dre's headphones firm – for years, so audio gear isn't new for Apple.

Recently, industry insiders have begun predicting the imminent launch of some wireless over-ear headphones.

Apple TV

Apple TV is getting an overhaul, including a new Apple TV box and Apple TV remote, according to the iOS 14 code.

The California firm is also allegedly developing a new workouts app for Apple TV.

Users will be able to download and follow workouts coached via their Apple TV.


Finally, new details about Apple's rumoured "AirTag" items trackers emerged from the code.

The top-secret tech apparently lets you locate any object using an iPhone, according to earlier reports.

The gadget is supposed to work like the tags offered by tech firm Tile, which let you locate objects using a smartphone app.

A Tile tracker could be attached to your keychain, for example, to help you avoid losing them.

The iOS 14 code revealed Air Tags will be able to play a sound to help you locate any lost items.

They'll also work with augmented reality, allowing you to scan a room with your phone to find whatever you've misplaced.

In other news, Apple is allegedly holding a secret event at the end of this month for the release of its new iPhone.

Apple may preparing to launch four new iPhone 12 models later this year.

The iPhone 12 could be the thinnest ever thanks to new screen technology.

What new gadgets would you like to see Apple announce? Let us know in the comments!

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