How WhatsApp grey and blue ticks can reveal if someone BLOCKED you

SO you've not had a reply from that message you sent on WhatsApp and now you're starting to get block fear.

It can happen to the best of us, whether it be after a date or even people we thought were friends.

Unfortunately there is no official notice that confirms it has happened, but there are some telltale signs.

The biggest giveaway to look at is the ticks and knowing the difference.

What do the WhatsApp ticks mean?

If it's a double blue tick, worry over – they've read your message but not responded. Perhaps they're just busy at the moment or forgot.

A double grey tick means the message has been received on their end but they are yet to open it, so it too means you've escaped the block button.

But if it's a single grey tick, this is when you might want to fear the worst.

The single tick means your message has been sent but it hasn't been received on the other end yet.

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There could be an innocent reason for this of course, maybe they're without signal or their phone is switched off.

But if it stays on that single grey tick for a prolonged period, it does indeed look like you've been blocked.

How else can I tell if I've been blocked on WhatsApp?

There are other signs to look out for as well.

If their profile photo has disappeared, that also points towards a block.

The same goes for the last seen – if it used to show up but is now blank, it points towards a possible block.

Calls made through WhatsApp to them also won't go through.

If the panic is over, hurrah, but be sure you're not being ghosted or soft ghosted.

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