How to protect home against coronavirus – keep property virus-free with this says expert

The growing pandemic of the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has sparked fears across the world. With thousands dead and tens of thousands infected, its no surprise that for many Britons the top priority right now is to keep their property safe and virus-free. Today, on ITV’s This Morning, an expert told viewers what they should do when they come home from work in an effort to secure their homes from the virus. 


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Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Rochelle Humes – who is filling in for Ruth Langford as she is, according to Eamonn, “under the weather” – Alice Beer, the cleaning expert, revealed the first thing Britons need to do to protect home against coronavirus. 

She said: “What I do [to stay safe from the virus], the minute I get home, is take off my coat and hang it up, get rid of my phone. And put them to one side.”

Rochelle then asked: “So, get rid of your phone?” Responding to the question, the expert replied: “Yes.”

Alice continued: “So everything that anyone could have possibly sneezed over, coughed over, breathed over or touched it goes there [she pointed to the doorway]. 

“My shoes, my handbag that all stays there. Preferably by the back door. So we can keep the house clean.”

The expert said: “And then I’m going to wash my hands before I touch anything in the house. 

“After I’ve washed my hands, I’m going to turn the tap off with kitchen paper, that I keep by the taps,” she added. 

She explained that the reason behind it wasn’t “paranoia” but a precaution as she had touched the surface of the tap with her hands before washing them. 

“This will all become routine,” she continued: “It will all become routine. Phones are filthy they are absolutely filthy. 

“But Apple have now said that it’s okay to clean your phone with alcohol wipes. 

“So, you can use your screen cleaner, your glasses cleaner, your universal wipes on your phone,” she added.

Alice revealed on This Morning that the coronavirus “isn’t waiting for you at home” but it is “brought” into homes, so Britons need to take extra precautions when dealing with the virus. 

She said: “To clean your house [against the virus] is so easy, so quick and so cheap. You do not need to stock pile expensive products to do this. 


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“So there are two ways of getting rid of the virus on any surface.”

Alice continued: “You’re either washing it off, that means using any soap, liquid soap to loosen the microbes from the surface and then rinse it, rinse it, rinse it till [the soot] is off.

“The other thing you could do is kill it off. There are two things that kill the virus one is alcohol – which you can buy and that can be your hand sanitizer. The second is bleach. 

“Bleach will kill it. There are many surfaces around your home that you can wipe down with bleach.”

However, the expert warned viewers to use caution with bleach, and to dilute the substance. She said:  “Fill a cap full of [bleach] which is 15 millilitres or three teaspoons and it will go in half a litre of water.

“And [the combined liquid] I would put it in an old spray bottle.” 

She revealed that from one standard-sized bleach bottle, a homeowner would be able to make the bleach last equivalent to 50 bottles. 

According to Alice, the most effective method of preventing the coronavirus from spreading in a household is to “wash, wash, and keep washing your hands over and over again”.

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